Henri Matisse
Almost every writer on aesthetics who has dealt with Matisse's work admits that no great master's art is harder to analyze and expound. Yet actually, few painters have had so much written about them - which suggests that writers on art have a predilection for the practically inexplicable. The truth is that a mystery lies at the heart of the matter; that of the origin of the tremendous power of light and color present in all Matisse's work. And here a distributing memory well may cross our minds - of those great color magicians who, after having given proof of an almost incredibly keen eyesight, became all but blind: Pissarro, Degas, Monet. Matisse has, one might say, forestalled this danger; he has been short-sighted from his earliest days. And perhaps the secret of that amazing alchemy of color peculiarly his lies as it were midway between his spectacles and his imagination.  
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"What I dream of is an art of equilibrium, purity and tranquility, devoid of upsetting or troubling subject matter ..."

Henri Matisse
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