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January 2002

28 January
Impressionism. Auguste Reoir. Presented up to 150 paintings in 10 Galleries.

26 January
James Ensor Paintings added. Vision present greatest Symbolist
17 January
And again Impressionism.... The great impressionist Paul Gauguin are presented. French postimpressionist painter, whose lush color, flat two-dimensional forms, and subject matter helped form the basis of modern art.
"In art, all who have done something other than their predecessors have merited the epithet of revolutionary; and it is they alone who are masters."
There You will find 100 paintings in 4 galleries.
"Where do we come from ?
What are we ?
Where are we going ?"
Paul Gauguin

2 January
Vision present Russian Born French Painter and designer Marc Chagall. There may found Stained-glass window, and four galleries.
His work treats subjects in a vein of humor and fantasy that draws deeply on the resources of the unconscious. Chagall's personal and unique imagery is often suffused with exquisite poetic inspiration.


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